Monday, September 07, 2009

Little Foxes

I'm really struggling with how to be a wife and a mom. I'm not doing so good, and there's plenty of proof. We're in the thick of this, and it's hard. Maybe the hardest thing our marriage has gone through.

Today it was just Manny and me in the house so I had some quiet for awhile. What came out of that time was journaling, tears and just crying out to the Lord for help.

After time with Him, He gently led me to read this article by Barbara Rainey. Oh, the little foxes! I don't know what you think of her, but I really needed it. It's practical, but it addressed this particular issue really well. It felt like medicine I badly needed.

In fact, I read multiple articles at Family Life. Like this one called "Stressed, Exhausted and Not in the Mood," and this one called, "5 Keys to Your Man's Inner Heart," and the one about "Reviving a Dimished Sex Drive."

(and aren't you glad you asked how I was doing in that area?)

I feel like the Lord used today to refresh me and start pulling me out of this funk. I know it's going to take a lot of work (Josh and Isaiah aren't even home yet), but I needed a good friend to sit me down and say, "It's normal. You're not crazy. I understand why you're tired. But you need to put Josh first in your family. The boys will be ok."

And I think that's what He did.

BTW, if you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear if you've been there before. I don't hear folks talking about it much, but I know it would encourage me to know others are with me. :)


Kelly said...

Oh Dana, I don't really have the time today to write a comment that would do this post justice. I wish I did, so let me just say YOU'RE NOT ALONE and I am encouraged that you're not letting up and settling for less than God's best for you and Josh. This is an area where you stand only to gain joy and encouragement in your marriage :-) Keep at it, sister! Keep crying out to Him for help! The grace is there for the asking!

Josh and Dana said...

Thanks, Kelly! Your comments always encourage me. :)