Monday, June 08, 2009


I have so much to do right now that I really shouldn't be blogging, but I just can't get this stuff out of my head and I think writing some of it down will help. Thanks for indulging me :)

So, this past weekend Josh and I went to Advance 09 in Durham and stayed with my dear friend Meghann in Raleigh. It was....I don't even know.....overwhelming? stirring? very convicting? very revealing? worshipful? heart piercing? haunting? possibly direction-altering? All of those.

Just very, very good.

I don't think you can listen to Driscoll and Piper right after the other and not have the fear of God burned into your soul as you sink further and further down into your seat. That's what happened to me anyway.

So here are some of my favorite quotes from the weekend and here is the link to hear them yourself (just scroll down...I didn't see Saturday's messages up yet).

It's more than worth it.

"3 fold problem with the church: 1) Like the church of Ephesus, Jesus is no longer our first love. We have taken our eyes off of Him. Even purity of doctrine has become primary over Jesus. Wherever there's decline in the church it's because Jesus is no long our first love. 2) We've taken our eyes off the Great Commission...Have we forgotten that we're in a battle for eternity? 3) The toxic nature of our churches....The answer: long-term, active repentance."
-- Tyler Jones, Vintage21 church, Raleigh.

"What is the only reason sin has any power in my life? Because I love it. What will overcome it? A surpassing love."
--Bryan Chapell, Covenant Theological

"You need to get over your man-crush on Driscoll in Seattle and love the people God has given you!"
-- Ed Stetzer, Lifeway

"Religious people love recognition...this is not rejoicing in what God is doing in other places. 'Thy' kingdom come becomes 'My' kingdom come....Religious people elevate traditions over a love for God...secondary things....Anytime we lead people to consider what they need to do instead of what God does for them - we've preached a false gospel."
-- JD Greear, Summit, Raleigh

(From Eph 3:20) "'Able' means 'power.' Not just talking about God having power...He IS power. He is the source. He's not like batteries that need to be changed and recharged. He empowers and recharges Himself with Himself!...He's fly!...

We've made 'total depravity' an idol. False humility still keeps the focus on you! Confession is necessary, but can go to the extreme of focusing on us and puffing ourselves up instead of focusing on Him....

We have pipe dreams because we're not gospel or Jesus-centered. Many times we wish for a context for something the gospel hasn't done in us yet. We need in depth passion to see God bridge the gap between where we are and where we should be...not US bridging the gap! Not with our feet on top of the city or community!...Show HIM off!
--Eric Mason, Epiphany Fellowship, Philadelphia

"We are always worshiping. The opposite of Biblical worship is idolatry. You become like what you worship. Idolatry is living for the glory of creation...we take good things, make them god-things, making it a bad thing....

The lies: 1) They present themselves to you as a savior. Ex: woman who wants to be a mom... then turns a baby into a savior of her motherless hell. Ex: singleness....the man or woman become a savior. 2) They tell you it can mediate between you and God. Ex: the pastor... some would rather talk to him than the Lord because he's the mediator. Some pastors love being the idol....the church does not mediate; the pastor does not mediate. 3) They give you identity..define who you are. Ex: identifying more with the title of pastor, mother, etc than Christ. There's war when you remove a title because when you remove their identity, you remove their idol. 4) They tell you they will make you righteous. Ex: marriage, children, appearance, wealth, success, career, religious performance, political position, hobby, pleasure, status, health, etc....

What are you most fearful of losing? What is your treasure? What do you make sacrifices for? Where does your time and money go? What do you make emotional sacrifices for?

We don't have sex, money, drug, power, prestige problems. We have an idolatry issue.

If you idolize, you also demonize. Ex: if you idolize reformed theology you demonize Armenian theology. I demonize whoever disagrees with me.... [If I idolize Piper, I demonize those who disagree with him.]

Idol of money: 'Yes! I hate that prosperity gospel!'..and your idol is a poverty gospel. You are just as much an idolater... Idol of family: Evangelicals are blind to this. It's a relationship that should give endless fulfillment, joy, legacy, etc. That's supposed to be Jesus... Idol of sex/sexuality: Being allowed to disobey continually is the evidence of the wrath of God. The bed is an alter and we become idolaters, offering our bodies as sacrifices to the idol. Porn is a worship issue. If you lust in your heart you have already become an idolater... Idol of substance: People who eat too much don't have an eating problem. They have a worship problem... Comfort food: didn't Jesus say He would send the Comforter?...

All of these things say that we are looking for a functional savior....give me comfort, give me energy, take away my stress, make me feel good...

What do we do? Repent. Repentance is not what we preach. It's what we practice. Whoever does not repent is a heretic. Some of you are heretics."
[and in true Driscoll-fashion, he simply grabbed his Bible and walked off the stage.]
--Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church, Seattle

I had more to write than I realized. I'll finish in another post soon.