Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick prayer request

Sorry for being MIA lately. First we lost the cord that I use to get pictures on here (and I have lots to post) so I delayed....we found it right when things started really picking up here at school. I will try to do better and get some pictures up too!

My kids at CCS are doing a Chirstmas musical this year and I'm told it's the biggest one they've done so far....of course......the girl with a one year old who only works 2 days a week has once again bitten off more then she can chew.

Anyway, all the auditions for the speaking and solo parts are this afternoon and I have quite a few kids coming and few parts to offer. I am so blessed by these kids enthusiasm...they don't take this opportunity for granted. They have definitely stepped up to the plate, but despite my numerous warnings against pride and taking our eyes off of Jesus, I can just see their little hearts wrapping tightly around hopes of getting the big part that comes with the spotlight.

If you think about it today, would you just pray for their hearts and for wisdom for me to lead them well through this process in a way that would cause this Christmas season to really be about Christ in their hearts?

I'll post more about it later....