Friday, August 18, 2006

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made



Born August 6, 2006

7 lbs 11 oz 21 in

Welcome, sweet Isaiah and thank you, Jesus for this precious little boy.

The short version:

We were playing cards with friends late Saturday night/Sunday morning when my water broke. We got to the hospital at 1:20 and was admitted a couple of hours later. After awhile with only 2 cm dialated and no super strong contractions they started me on Pitocin. About 16 hours later they had continuously raised the amount of Pitocin they were giving me until they hit the most amount they could. Dr. Jones came in (I absolutely LOVE that man!) once again to check me and very gently told me that I was STILL only 2 cm and that the only real option was for us to go ahead with a c-section. At that point, I was totally fine with that. Later he told me that one of my pelvic bones sits in such a way that the baby's head pushes against it but couldn't get past it. Therefore, all other children will be born the same way....following suit from my mom so no huge shock there.

Josh's cousin, Amy, happens to be the head nurse/manager in Labor and Delivery so she prepped us for the whole process of major surgery (which I had never gone through before), and then took me back to the OR. They gave me a spinal block and by the time they let Josh come in he said he saw the scaple go down....yikes! He QUICKLY rushed past that and took his seat at my head. Amy was there the whole time and, knowing that squeemishness runs in Josh's family, she did a great job helping him deal with it all. When they finally got to Isaiah's head Amy turned to Josh and said, "Josh, stand up! Here's the head!" Josh, with huge eyes, said, "Uh...I don't know..." So she said again, "Josh, stand up! You're going to miss it!" So he did and I cannot convey the sound in his voice as he started laughing and crying at the same time and said, "It's Isaiah! It's Isaiah!" (we didn't know what we were having so I asked the doctors to let Josh tell me the name of our baby). I have never heard my husband sound like that. He almost sounded like a little boy himself just overwhelmed with emotion. It was so precious and surreal.

They showed Isaiah to me and then wisked him away for weighing, measuring, etc and Josh, of course, went with them to cut the cord and just cry and laugh some more. We stayed in the hospital until Thursday evening to get all the help we could from the doctors, nurses, lactation consultants and pediatricians who were constantly in and out of our room. Our stay there was filled with a steady flow of family and friends visiting, but also plenty of down time for us to rest and just be together as a family. With the exception of the chair/bed that messed Josh's back up, we really enjoyed our time there.

And Isaiah is the most amazing gift God could give us. I never knew I would feel this way about a little person. I was constantly afraid that I wasn't bonding with him during pregnancy and that I wouldn't be nurturing enough or I would get impatient with him really easily. I'm just in awe of how God puts in us exactly what we need to do what He calls us to.

He'll be 2 weeks old Sunday and I already get misty thinking of him growing up. He's changed so much since his birth. I remember one of the doctor's in the OR saying, "He's got red hair!" That was a big surprise to us, but already it has started to darken and he's filling out all over (he's a good eater!).

Thank you to everyone who has prayed us through this whole process (please continue!), come to see us, brought us meals, lavished us with baby presents and have just loved and cared for us so well. We couldn't have imagined the love and care we've recieved. We feel God's kindness to our family through you.

Keep checking back as there will be much more on little Isaiah later....

Look at those feet! Definitely Daddy's boy!


Deeciple97 said...

Wow. Amazed, delighted, joyful. We love all of you.

-- Dee and Stacey

Melanie said...

Congrats, you guys! I hope to meet Isaiah soon!

Kelly said...

He looks wonderful!!!! Congratulations to you both.

And I love Dr Jones too!!!! Thanks for the rec!(remember that? It was a long time ago...)

Nicole said...

What a precious little boy! Hope to meet him soon! Congratulations!

Beth said...

Glad I got to see him the other day. He's a sweetie. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your little guy. How's it going with Josh back at school?

changedlife99 said...

Wish I could be there with you guys but know that you and Isaiah are in my prayers and thoughts (even 8000 miles away :))